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Glitch Commands

Last updated: 10th April 2020


Account commands

Account commands can be accessed with .a or .account

.a / .account

Displays your profile status (XP, Coins and other additional information)

.a create

Creates a Glitch Bot profile for your Discord account.

.a delete

Deletes your Glitch Bot profile. This cannot be undone.

.a connection [service] [username]

Sets the service account on your Glitch Bot profile for command defaults.

Services: leagueoflegends, osu, rocketleague, brawlhalla


Server commands

Server commands can be accessed with .s or .server

.s / .server

Displays information about the server.

.s prefix [new prefix]

Changes the Glitch Bot prefix for the server.

.s welcome [text-channel] [message]

Sends the message in the text channel when a new user joins. Use .s welcome off to stop it.

Message tools: "^user" = Mentions the user

.s commands create [command-name] [message]

Creates a custom command that can be accessed by the command name (.[command-name-here]) to respond with the set message.

.s commands delete [command-name]

Deletes the custom command.

.s music-role [role-name]

Enables role only mode for music commands. Use .s music-role none to turn off.

.s reset

Sets all settings for the server to default. This cannot be undone.


Music commands

.play [YouTube, SoundCloud, MP3 URl]

Adds the URL to the queue and plays in the active voice channel.


Deletes the queue and leaves the voice channel.


Displays a list of songs that are upcomming.

.queue delete [queue-position]

Removes the specific song from the queue. Use .queue delete all to reset the queue.

.volume [0-100]

Sets the bot volume to play at. 50 is default.


Moderation commands

All moderation commands can only be used in the server if the user has the "Manage Server" permission.

.m / .mod / .moderation

Displays the status and statistics of Glitch moderation in the server.

.m [enable/disable] [mod-feature-name]

Enables or disables a mod feature for the server.

This topic is still in early stages, commands will change.


Fun commands

.dog / .cat

Sends a photo of a random image of a dog or cat.


Random top meme from r/meme

.weather [location]

Sends todays weather information for that location. Use .weather set [location] to remember location by using .weather